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NexDome is the NexGeneration observatory that was designed with paying attention to problems and shortcomings of similar class observatories.  To name a few, overall price due to shipping cost, cost of accessories to overcome faulty design or make. We achieved our main goal, which was a well-priced, strong, inexpensive to ship, easily assembled and professional looking observatory by developing a modular design which addresses all our criteria.  Also, the other main advantage of this patented design is after sale support.  The biggest support problem common observatories are the lack of possibility of returning the defective dome or walls hence the cost of shipping back can be more than the cost of the observatory itself and meanwhile you don’t have any protection for your telescope and expensive gears.  With NexDome IF you manage to break a part or section, we will send you only that part without any hassles and you still have your observatory running.  No repair!

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