GIOTTO flat field generators



GIOTTO is the Smart Flat Field Generator we designed to help you capture flat calibration frames for telescopes. GIOTTO uses many LED lights at a color temperature similar to the Sun, a specially designed light diffuser and, thanks to the included thumbscrews, you can easily lock it in front of telescopes. GIOTTO is provided with integrated electronics that allow you adjust GIOTTO’s light intensity by 100 steps (0 to 100%), USB-C port to let you connect to your EAGLE or any standard Windows computer for remote control with PLAY or ASCOM driver, WiFi connectivity to let you wirelessly control it using your smartphone or tablet via the included Virtual HandPad and 12V power port! And if you want to automate the capture of your calibration files or if you’re searching for the best way to remotely open and close your telescope, you can add the optional ALTO telescope cover motor and use GIOTTO as a remotely controlled motorized cap!


Multiple sizes available (mm): 120 – 150 – 220 – 255 – 285 – 320 -430

  • LED lights at color temperature similar to sunlight, to provide a neutral color tone
  • Special designed light diffuser for an even illumination
  • Adjustable light intensity by 100 steps (0 to 100%)
  • It natively runs off of a 12V power source to avoid the need for external power units
  • Included thumbscrews for an easy lock in front of telescopes with external tube diameter from 77mm to 140mm
  • USB-C port to let you easily connect it to your EAGLE or Windows computer
  • WiFi connectivity so you can wirelessly control it using your smartphone or tablet via the included Virtual HandPad
  • Control and capture flat frames with PLAY astrophotography software for EAGLE or Windows
  • ASCOM driver to let you control it through third party softwares
  • Optional ALTO telescope cover motor to convert GIOTTO in a remotely controlled motorized cap