Our Team

Meshal Almutairi

Founder and CEO, Meshal is an ambitious UAE national with a background in Finance. Among the many hobbies, astronomy takes a huge part of his day mainly focuses in astronomy are deep sky objects photography and studying nebula’s life cycle.

Tameem Altamimi

An amateur astrophotographer with a background in websites editing and content creation. He is also an Arabic calligrapher and a photographer focusing mainly on the moon and the planets in our solar system.

Ahmed Alshami

An amateur astrophotographer and an engineer specialized in electronics and communication. Takes astronomy as a hobby along with other hobbies such as reading and spending time with the family.

Abdulrahman Abdelhaq

A pioneer astronomer from the UAE who has been in the field of astronomy for over 20 years. Among the many fields in astronomy, Abdulrahman focuses his time on comets and asteroids. He is known to be the first UAE national to build a large-scale project of capturing data and locating the asteroids that fall in the UAE.